Me and Uncle Mike and the Pirate Ship

Book 2

Written by Dannel Roberts

Illustrated by Frederick Thomas Stolte

Text and Illustrations copyright (c) 2001 by Dannel Roberts

This is a story about some thieves stealing all the jewels in Boston. Me and Uncle Mike ride our bikes out to help out and end up getting shanghaied. Read to see how we solve this one.

Me and Uncle Mike and the Pirate Ship is a large hard backed book. It measures 9.5 by 12.5 inches. There are 16, full page, full color illustrations. The words are the large 36 point text, so they are easy to read. The paper used in the printing is a high quality coated stock. This book is Smythe Sewn, the best binding on the market. This means the book is sewn and glued, so the pages won't come out. Each illustration is a work of art. What you have online is about 1/4 the size of the originals. You can see some of the quality and detail even at that size. Then of course the story. Read on and see if it doesn't grab your attention.


Back when I was a kid one of my best friends was Uncle Mike. He was a little older than I was. We use to have a lot of fun doing things together. Once in a while we would go out into the hay field and practice sword fighting. We were the best sword fighters in the entire hay field. Now I'm going to tell you a story about the time Me and Uncle Mike had to use our sword fighting skills.


A long time ago in a city far, far away there was a big problem. The city was Boston, Massachusetts. The problem was that someone was a breaking into houses at night and stealing all the jewels throughout the whole city. They were stealing diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, silver, rings, necklaces, and anything made out of gold. Nobody knew who the thieves were.

People made sure their houses were locked at night. But even sure lock homes didn't solve the problem. First the people of Boston called in the police. Then they called in the sheriffs. Then they called in the marshals. Then they called in the FBI. Then they called in the CIA. But nobody could solve this mystery. Finally they called in MAUM. Do you know what that stands for?

That's right, it stands for Me and Uncle Mike. We got on our bikes and headed out. We took the long and winding road. It took a long time to get there. It was a regular marathon to get to Boston. They were so happy to see us they were going to throw us a tea party. But Uncle Mike said, "Cancel that tea party and show me the last place any clues were seen."

They took us down to a rough part of town. Then they showed us some strange looking footprints on the seashore. These were the only clues they had. Everybody else was scared and took off. Me and Uncle Mike weren't afraid. So we started looking around. We saw this guy sitting on a dock in the bay. He was a rough looking dude. He said, "Hey boys, come over here!"

We didn't know it but this guy was Shanghai Charlie. We walked over to him and he jumped up and grabbed us. He tied us up and put us in a couple of potato sacks. Then Shanghai Charlie dragged us off. He stopped at the end of a dock and tossed us into a rowboat. Next he rowed us out to sea. We had been shanghaied. That means they kidnap you and make you work on a pirate ship.

The rowboat came up along side a big old pirate ship. Shanghai Charlie finally dumped us out of those potato sacks. He told Me and Uncle Mike to get aboard. We climbed up over the side of that ship. There were some great big cannons on both sides. When we got on board, we saw a treasure chest. These were the thieves that were stealing all the gold and jewels from Boston.

The Pirate Captain came on deck and said three things. "If you try to escape we'll flog you." That means they take a cat with nine tails and whack you across the back. "If you try to escape again we'll keel-haul you." That means they tie a rope around you and haul you underneath the boat."If you try to escape a third time we'll make you walk the plank and let the sharks eat you."

The Pirate Captain said that I was the new cabin boy. Next he said that Uncle Mike was going to be potato-peeling boy. He pointed his sword at us and said, "Get to work boys." Then he started shouting orders to his crew, "Pull the anchor", "Set the sails", and "Head East". Things looked pretty bad for Me and Uncle Mike because we were on a slow boat to China.

If you want to find out how Me and Uncle Mike get out of this mess then you will have to order Me and Uncle Mike and the Pirate Ship. There are 16 more pages. The best is yet to come. This book seems to work best for children ages 3 - 8. If you have a child in that age group you may want to read what we have online to them. Watch how it will captivate their imagination. The book in hand will do even more. Thousands of children are already enjoying this book.



Copyright 2006 by Dannel Roberts    Lions, Tigers & Bears Publishing, Inc.