Me and Uncle Mike and the Purple Gorilla
Book 5

Written By Dannel Roberts
Illustrated By Brenda Wildhagen Nichols
Text and Illustrations copyright(c) 2003 by Dannel Roberts.

Me and Uncle Mike went to Yellowstone National Park to help fix Old Faithful. On the way home there was a storm and we had to stay in the farmer's barn with his purple gorilla. Read and see what fun we have this time.

Back when I was a kid, one of my best friends was Uncle Mike. He was a little older than I was. We used to have a lot of fun doing things together. So I'm going to tell you a story about Me and Uncle Mike and a purple gorilla. It all started when Old Faithful quit working. Old Faithful was a geyser that always squirted hot water up in the air several times throughout the day

People came from all over the world to see Old Faithful. When it quit working, people quit coming. This meant that all the park rangers were going to lose their fobs. Nobody knew what to do. So, guess who they called? That's fight, they called Me and Uncle Mike. We got on our bikes and rode straight to Yellowstone National Park. When we got there, Uncle Mike said, "Show me that sick geyser."

They showed us Old Faithful. We looked down into the mouth of that geyser. About 10 feet down there was a great big old buffalo stuck in the rocks. This was why Old Faithful didn't work. Uncle Mike said there would only be one way to get that buffalo unstuck. We would have to fly him out. Uncle Mike had the park rangers get us some blue cheese and hot sauce.

Me and Uncle Mike poured blue cheese and hot sauce on the back of that stuck buffalo. Then, all of a sudden, out popped some buffalo wings. Uncle Mike said, "Stand back." Next, we hard whoof, whoof, whoof. The buffalo was flapping his wings. Out he flew. He flew so far we couldn't see him. Then Old Faithful started working again. All the people came back. Everyone was happy.

It was time to head home. There was a storm brewing so we had to hurry. We rode on our bikes until the storm caught up to us. We needed a place to hole up. So we stopped and asked a farmer if we could wait the storm out in his barn. He said, "Sure, but whatever you do, don't touch my purple gorilla." Then it started thundering and lightning. We hurried and got in the barn as fast as we could.

It was dark inside the barn because of the storm. When lightning would strike it would light up the inside of the barn. Over in the corner was a great big cage, with big iron bars and a big iron door. Inside the cage was a huge mound of purple fur. This was the purple gorilla. He wasn't moving. He was just lying there. He looked pretty harmless. I dared Uncle Mike to touch the purple gorilla.

Then Uncle Mike said, "I double dog dare you to touch the purple gorilla!" If you don't do a double dog dare, then you're a yellow dog chicken coward. That's bad, because if you're branded a yellow dog chicken coward, then anyone that can catch you on the town square, after midnight, can paint a big yellow streak down your back. They can use mustard to paint the yellow streak.

The storm was over and the sun came out. It was time to leave and go home. If we left now, then I would be a yellow dog chicken coward. Uncle Mike said the purple gorilla looked like he was sleeping. One touch shouldn't hurt anything. I thought about it really hard. I did not want a yellow mustard streak on my back. So I decided to do it. I reached in the cage and I touched the purple gorilla.

Guess what happens when you touch the purple gorilla? Order the book and see what happens to me and Uncle Mike after they touched the purple gorilla.


Copyright 2006 by Dannel Roberts    Lions, Tigers & Bears Publishing, Inc.