Me and Uncle Mike and Billy Goat Bob
Book 3

Written by Dannel Roberts
Illustrated by Brenda Wildhagen Nichols
Text and Illustrations copyright (c) 2002 by Dannel Roberts

This time out in Idaho, a big mean old billy goat runs everyone off Snake River bridge. Me and Uncle Mike ride our bikes to save the day. We have to use our brain power to solve the problem. It's a great book!! READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back when I was a kid, one of my best friends was Uncle Mike. He was a little older than I was. We used to have a lot of fun doing things together. So I'm going to tell you a story about the King of the Mountain. A long time ago, out east in the big city, there was a billy goat named Bob. Now Billy Goat Bob was stuck out back in a little tiny yard. There wasn't much to eat but grass and weeds.

One day Billy Goat Bob got tired of the city life. So he jumped the fence and headed west. He kept on going until he got to Idaho. Then he stopped and looked, and there was Sawtooth Mountain. Now the Snake River runs right next to that mountain. The only way to get to Sawtooth Mountain is over the Snake River Bridge. So Billy Goat Bob crossed Snake River Bridge.

There is a whole bunch of things they do on Sawtooth Mountain. The farmers grow spinach to eat. The loggers cut trees for lumber. Of course the thing they're known best for is growing potatoes. In Idaho they call potatoes "taters" for short. So Billy Goat Bob started eating the taters right off the vines. Taters were a whole lot better than grass and weeds. Next he started eating spinch.


I think everybody knows what happens to sailor men when they eat spinach. They get big and strong. So Billy Goat Bob grew to be big and strong. He may have been one of the biggest goats ever to live. He was over 8 feet tall with 4 foot horns. At harvest time, the farmers came to pick their taters and spinach. This made Billy Goat Bob mad because they were taking his food.

Billy Goat Bob started running people off of Sawtooth Mountain. First he ran the spinach farmers off. Then he ran the tater farmers off. Finally he ran the loggers off. That goat became king of the mountain. Before long the stores were running out of taters and spinach. Then there wasn't any logs for wood to build houses with. Nobody knew what to do. So guess who they called?

                  If you want to know who they called and what happened to Billy Goat Bob and the farmers, you can order the book and READ IT ALL!!!!!!!!



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