Our business history

We have been in business since 1998. "Me and Uncle Mike and the 3-Toed Bear" is Book 1 of the Me and Uncle Mike Series. Our Book 2 is "Me and Uncle Mike and the Pirate Ship". Book 3 is "Me and Uncle Mike and Billy Goat Bob". And our Book 4 is "Me and Uncle Mike and the 1-Eyed Croc are available now. Book 5 is "Me and Uncle Mike and the Purple Gorilla" was published in 2003.

About our staff
Lions & Tigers & Bears Publishing is owned and operated by Dannel Roberts, the Author and Mike Roberts, the real Uncle Mike. Dannel comes from a long line of storytellers. He was born in 1960 and was raised in the state of Missouri. Dannel liked the outdoors, hunting, fishing, motorcycling, and sports. He later went on to graduate from Truman State University in 1982. Dannel met his wife Martha while in college. After they were married they moved to Central Missouri and had four child. Martha and Dannel bought hundreds of books for their children and spent many hours reading to them. One day Dannel was telling a real story about himself and his brother Mike "Uncle Mike". Dannel's children liked the real stories better than books. Then to add some extra fun to these stories Dannel started mixing in jokes, people, places and things that were out of character and out of context. His children loved this. Dannel continued telling these stories to his extended family, where he discovered adults loved these stories as well as children. With the encouragement of friends and family, Dannel now publishes his work.

Uncle Mike is the Author's older Brother. His real name is Mike Roberts. The two brothers had many experiences they shared as they grew up together. Uncle Mike lives in Northern Missouri with his wife, Connie. Uncle Mike has been a major force in getting the "Me and Uncle Mike" series published. He has helped with the editing, formatting, illustrating, and promotion of the series. We have tried to make "Uncle Mike" that older brother that was always there when you needed him, even though he might have been the cause of the problem.

What makes us unique
We are producing a children's book series that will be read again and again. Our books will have grizzly bears, polar bear, elks, moose, buffalos, bob cats, alligators, crocodiles, pirates, anaconda snakes, billy goats, gorillas, turkey buzzards, T-rexs, sheep, kangaroos, jack rabbits, big foot, cowboys, Indians, alligator snapping turtles, eagles, hawks, volcanoes, roosters, monsters, bull fights, spy missions, leopards, beluga whales, cattle drives, and anything else that will entertain children. Our adventures take children to Montana, Alaska, Missouri, Kansas City, the Amazon, Australia, Washington DC, Africa, the Panama Canal, Boston Massachusetts, Mexico, and Mount Everest.



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