AR Questions for Me and Uncle Mike Children's Series

Me and Uncle Mike and the 3-Toed Bear

1. Where does the 3-Toed Bear live at the beginning of the story?
A. California
B. Missouri
C. Florida
D. Montana

2. How did the 3-Toed Bear lose the other 2 toes?
A. They got stuck in a bear trap.
B. They got frozen off
C. They fell off
D. He was born that way

3. How many cows did the 3-Toed bear eat per day?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

4. What did the governor do to help get rid of the 3-Toed Bear?
A. Reported it to the police
B. Set bear traps
C. Get a posse
D. Called in Ghost Busters

5. In this book what color is the grizzly bear on the inside?
A. Brown
B. White
C. Pink
D. Gray

Me and Uncle Mike and the Pirate Ship

1. Where is Boston?
A. Where the Redsocks play.
B. Missouri
C. Massachusetts
D. Florida

2. What does M.A.U.M. stand for?
A. Minks Are Usually Mean
B. Make And Use Money
C. Me And Uncle Mike
D. Merry And Ugly Monkeys

3. Who was the best one legged swordsman?
A. Uncle Mike
B. Peg Leg Magilicutty
C. Sure lock Homes
D. Shanghai Charlie

4. According to Uncle Mike:
A. Rock mashes paper
B. Rock mashes scissors
C. Scissors cuts paper
D. Paper covers rock

5. What does Grandpa always say?
A. Eat all your vegetables
B. Don't play in the street
C. Get plenty of sleep
D. Don't believe everything you hear

Me and Uncle Mike and Billy Goat Bob

1. Billy Goat Bob left the city life to go to where?
A. Missouri
B. Washington DC
C. Idaho
D. Hawaii

2. On Sawtooth Mountain where do Taters grow?
A. On vines
B. In the ground
C. In pots on the porch
D. Under the railroad bridge

3. Billy Goat Bob ate what food to get bigger?
A. Taters
B. Spinach
C. Milk
D. Candy

4. What did Uncle Mike have loaded on my bike to use to ram the goat off the bridge?
A. A block
B. A sword
C. A log
D. A sack of taters

5. According to Uncle Mike, what does the goat always miss?
A. French fries
B. The bus
C. Ewe turns
D. Recess

Me and Uncle Mike and the 1-Eyed Croc

1. What was the name of the 1-Eyed Croc?
A. Fred
B. Mohammed Ali
C. Amazon Cruncher
D. Bob

2. What did the 1-Eyed Croc like to eat at the beginning of the story?
A. Pumpkins
B. Snakes
C. Fish
D. Monkeys

3. What kind of boat did the Amazon's use?
A. John Boat
B. Canoe
C. Ocean liner
D. Battleship

4. What did the 1-Eyed Croc suck on at the end of the story?
A. Candy
B. Pumpkins
C. Monkeys
D. Bananas

5. In the story what cracked the Liberty Bell?
A. An earthquake
B. A cannon ball
C. It fell over
D. Uncle Mike hit it

Me and Uncle Mike and the Purple Gorilla

1. Where is Old Faithful located?
A. Grand Canyon
B. Washington DC
C. Lake of the Ozarks
D. Yellowstone National Park

2. How does the buffalo get unstuck?
A. They fly him out
B. He climbed out
C. Old Faithful blow him out
D. He was pulled out with a rope

3. Where do they first see the purple gorilla?
A. In the farmer's barn
B. In the hay field
C. By Old Faithful
D. In the chicken house

4. What does the purple gorilla grunt when he touched me?
A. Go home
B. I'm hungry
C. Tag, you're it
D. Good-Bye

5. What animal is always pictured with the purple gorilla?
A. A cat
B. A dog
C. A chicken
D. A pig



Copyright 2006 by Dannel Roberts    Lions, Tigers & Bears Publishing, Inc.