Me and Uncle Mike and the 3-Toed Bear

Book 1

Written by Dannel Roberts

Illustrated by Lonnie Tapia

Copywrite(C) 1998

The 3-Toed Bear is a large hard backed book. It measures 9.5 by 12.5 inches. There are 16, full page, full color illustrations. The words are the large 36 point text, so they are easy to read. The paper used in printing is a high quality coated stock. This book is Smythe Sewn, the best binding on the market. This means the book is sewn and glued, so the pages won't come out. The 3-Toed Bear will last for many years. Each illustration is a work of art. What you have online is about 1/8 the size of the originals. You can see some of the quality and detail even at that size. Then of course the story. Me and Uncle Mike go to Montana and meet a big, old, grizzly bear that only has 3 toes on one foot. Read on and see what we do with this bear.

Back when I was a kid one of my best friends was Uncle Mike. He was a little older than I was. We used to have a lot of fun doing things together. One day Uncle Mike taught me how to shoot a slingshot. We did a lot of practicing until we were pretty good. One day we were called upon to use our slingshots. So I'm going to tell you a story about the time me and Uncle Mike had to use our slingshots.

One time out in Montana there was a big, old, grizzly bear. He was not an ordinary bear. This bear only had 3 toes on one foot. He'd lost his other toes in a bear trap. He wasn't very happy about this. So he ended up being the meanest bear in Montana. Any time anybody saw a bear track with only 3 toes, they left the woods because they were scared.

For years this bear would get up in the morning, snag a moose and eat it for breakfast. Later on around noon, he would grab a buffalo and eat it for lunch. Then in the evening, he would chase down an elk and eat it for supper. After dark, if the 3-toed grizzly bear was still hungry, he would catch a big, fat, old bobcat and eat it for a snack.


One morning the old 3-toed grizzly bear got up and decided to try something different. So he started eating cows, and he liked them. Then he'd have a cow for breakfast, a cow for lunch, a cow for supper and even a cow for a snack. That's 4 cows a day. They were milking cows to boot. Soon there wasn't enough milk to drink. So the bear got milk but nobody else did.

Everybody complained to the governor. So he got a posse of the best bear hunters and trackers in the world to go after this 3-toed grizzly bear. They tracked that bear into the woods, but they never came back. Nobody knows what happened to that posse. They probably got ate. After that the people of Montana couldn't get anyone to go after that bear...guess who they called?


That's right! They called me and Uncle Mike. So we loaded up our MK61, laser guided, heat seeking, automatic slingshots. Then we got on our bikes and headed out. It took over an hour to get to Montana. They were so excited to see us, that they were going to throw us a parade. We weren't interested in all that hero stuff. So Uncle Mike said, "Cancel the parade and show me that bear."


So the town's people took us out to a pasture. It was the last place the bear had chowed a cow. All we found was a tail, a horn, a cowbell, and a big old track. Guess whose track this was? That's right, the 3-toed grizzly bear! After we saw that track, everyone else turned around and ran back to town except for me and Uncle Mike. We had a job to do. We packed up our slingshots and off we went.


We got out our trail map to plot our course. Then we started tracking. We tracked that bear through the Great Bear Wilderness. We tracked that bear across a river that was over a mile wide. We tracked that bear over the top of Mount Everest. We tracked that bear over 26 miles. Then after a total of 2 hours of hard tracking, we caught up to him.

There he was, sleeping on a log. So me and Uncle Mike picked up a couple of rocks, each about the size of a chicken egg. You don't have much range with a slingshot. So we had to get closer. We got very quiet and snuck up on him. We were about 10 feet away. We loaded up our slingshots with those rocks and took careful aim. We pulled back as far as we could.


Then we let those rocks fly. I nailed him in the side and Uncle Mike hit him right square in the head. Those slingshots just weren't enough to take out that bear. It seems all we did was wake him up and make him mad. Boy, was he ever mad! He stood up on his hind legs and just roared. Oh my! It was time to leave. We turned around and took off.

If you want to find out what happens to Me and Uncle Mike then you will have to order the 3-Toed Bear. There are 12 more pages. The best is yet to come. This book seems to work best for children ages 3 - 8. If you have a child in that age group you may want to read what we have online to them. Watch how it will captivate their imagination. The book in hand will even do more. Thousands of children are already enjoying this book. The 3-Toed Bear soon becomes their favorite book. Be ready to read it again and again.



Copyright 2006 by Dannel Roberts    Lions, Tigers & Bears Publishing, Inc.