Me and Uncle Mike and the 1-Eyed Croc

Book 4

Written By Dannel Roberts
Illustrated by Frederick and Linda Stolte
Text and Illustrations copyright (c) 2002 by Dannel Roberts

Me and Uncle Mike and the 1-Eyed Croc is a great story about the time we went down to the Amazon River to deal with a crocodile. Come and see what happens when a crocodile meets me and Uncle Mike.

Back when I was a kid, one of my best friends was Uncle Mike. He was a little older than I was. We used to have a lot of fun doing things together. This is a story about the time Me and Uncle Mike were invited down to the Amazon River. They had a problem with a big, old, long, green lizard with big jaws and lots of teeth. This problem was a crocodile. Everybody called this croc the Amazon Cruncher.


For years this crocodile was a professional alligator wrestler. He had an undefeated wrestling career, until the day he fought Mohammed Alli Gator. It was a match for the championship of the world. An accidental head butt knocked his eye out and ended his gator wrestling career. He retired to the Amazon River. From then on he was known as the 1-Eyed Croc.

The people that live by the Amazon River are called Amazons. The Amazons have monkeys for pets and to pick bananas. It turned out that the 1-Eyed Croc's favorite food was monkeys. This is when all the trouble started. The old 1-Eyed Croc would wait in the water by an Amazon village. Sooner or later a monkey would walk out to the river to get a drink. Guess what happened?


Wham! One less monkey and a happy 1-Eyed Croc. He was happy several times a day. Before long most of the monkeys were gone. Everybody was a saying "Hey, Hey where's the monkeys." This was really hard on the monkey buiness. All the monkeys that climbed trees to get bananas for people were gone. Food was in short supply and people were getting hungry.

So they brought in their best Amazon warriors. They loaded up their bows and arrows and got in a canoe. Then they paddled out into the river. Suddenly, they saw one eye sticking up. Guess who this was? It was the 1-Eyed Croc! So they aimed their arrows at this mean, old Croc. The warriors shot all their arrows. The hide on the 1-Eyed Croc was so thick that all the arrows bounced off.

The 1-Eyed Croc was pretty mad about getting shot. So he dove deep down under the water. He came up out of the water right next to them. Crunch went that canoe, as he took a big, old bite. The Amazons set new Olympic records as they swam to shore. The 1-Eyed Croc ate that whole canoe. Well, that was it. Nobody else would go after that 1-Eyed Croc. So guess who they called?

You know who they called but, you don't know how they solved the problem.  You will need to order the book and see what happens to me and Uncle Mike this time.


Copyright 2006 by Dannel Roberts    Lions, Tigers & Bears Publishing, Inc.